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Jumbo Ice Cube Tray Bloxx (P/N 19477). Create jumbo-sized ice cubes for your whisky and cocktail drinks while slowing down dilution using our Jumbo Ice Cube Trays.

Made from FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone, each mold makes 12 impressive ice blocks, each block measuring 2.5-inches (diagonal), largest in its class.

Due to the large surface area of these cubes, your drinks will retain the flavor and temperature better than stones, crushed ice or regular ice cubes.

Experiment with ice filled with fruit, herbs or edible flowers for a unique and festive celebration.

The molds can be stacked in your freezer for space efficiency.

Each set includes 1 mold for 12 ice cubes.

Quickly cool your drink without watering it down using our jumbo ice cube mold.


  • FDA-approved and certified BPA-free silicone
  • Makes the largest ice cube (2.5 inches diagonal)
  • Large surface are of each cube reduces dilution and keeps drinks cold
  • Flexible silicone is easy to use and leak-proof
  • Multiple molds can be stacked in the freezer


Size: 6w x 8d x 2h (in)

Weight: 1 lb

P/N: Bl-1

UPC: 702730999905