AHH Super Cork Extractor Carded (P/N C-2125-BLACK). Twin prongs slip between cork and inside bottle neck. Twisting out and upward removes the cork. Includes protective ABS black plastic sheath.

AHH Super! Two-Prong Cork Extractor, Chrome-Plated with Black Sheath, Carded.

Instructions TO USE: 1. Insert the longer blade between cork and bottle. 2. Continue to push down until shorter blade can be inserted on the other side. With a rocking motion, continue until both tips are past the bottom of the cork. 3. Remove cork by pulling with a rotation (twisting) motion.

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Condition: Brand New

Size: 3 1/10w x 4 3/5h (inches)

Weight: 0.2 lb

P/N: C-2125-BLACK


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