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Questions to Ask About Racking When Purchasing a Wine Cabinet

Not all racks will fit Burgundy size bottles
Before purchasing a wine cabinet, find out the size of the rack openings inside the wine cabinet, and whether your wine bottles will fit inside each rack opening. Some wine cabinet manufacturers build standard wine racks that can handle Bordeaux wine bottles, but Burgundy and Champagne bottles won't fit. Most wine cabinet manufacturers offer "Universal Racking" as an option at an additional cost.

Le Cache: Universal racking is STANDARD
Le Cache all-wood wine racks are built to handle almost every size of individual bottle, including Burgundy and many Champagne bottles. Even oversized Turley Zinfandel bottles easily fit in our racks. Standard racking typically measures 3 1/4 inches wide, but Le Cache wine racking measures 3 3/4 inches wide THROUGHOUT the wine cabinet.

Metal racks can scratch bottles
Metal racks inside wine cabinets can scratch bottles and tear labels, and they can bend out of shape under the heavy weight of racked wine bottles.

Try sliding a bottle in and out of a metal rack, then do the same in a wood wine rack.

Which feels better to you?

Le Cache: Interlock all-wood racking
Every Le Cache wine cabinet comes with all-wood racks that are constructed from premium cherry wood, and are completely finished and sealed. Each wine rack features the tiniest attentions to detail, including eased edges, tapered ends, precision fit, hot-glue assembly and double-sealed finish.

Racked capacity may be less than total capacity
Many wine cabinet manufacturers advertise their wine cabinets with a RANGE of TOTAL bottle capacity. Unfortunately, TOTAL bottle capacity is very different from RACKED bottle capacity. For example, one well-known wine cabinet manufacturer advertises 520 bottle capacity, but when (optional) shelves are added, bottle capacity declines to 340 bottles.

Find out how many bottles will be resting on racks inside your wine cabinet, vs how many bottles will be resting on other bottles. The distinction is important because when bottles rest on bottles, they can break or get scratched, or the labels can smudge or tear. Bottles on bottles also are much harder to access than individually racked bottles.

Le Cache: Easy-to-understand bottle capacity
Le Cache breaks out racked, bulk and total bottle capacities individually. Each racked bottle rests directly on Le Cache's all-wood rack. Bulk storage is located inside the wine cabinet at the top of the rack, where extra-large bottles can be carefully stacked.

Compare wine cabinets from Le Cache and other wine cabinet manufacturers.

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