WineKeeper Large Faucet + Stainless Syphon Tube #15122

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The Keeper stopper-faucet assembly for large format bottles.
  • Designed for use with large format bottles
  • Stainless tube for commercial application
  • System includes: Stopper faucet assembly, stainless steel siphon tube, large format bottle oversleeve, #5.5 cork, #6 cork, think sleeve, thick sleeve
WineKeeper Large Format Faucet w/Stainless Syphon Tube (P/N 15122). The stopper-faucet assembly for large format bottles with stainless tube for commercial applications.

System includes:.
  • Stopper Faucet Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Siphon Tube
  • Large Format Bottle Oversleeve
  • #5.5 cork
  • #6 cork
  • Thin Sleeve
  • Thick Sleeve
This assembly requires either the Basic Keeper (#7760 or #7761) or Commercial Keeper (#7758) for gas supply. Alternatively the kit #7758 includes the gas and regulator to use this item.
Brand: WineKeeper

Size: 8h (in)

Weight: 2 lbs

Material: Stainless-Steel

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