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Rogar Replacement Internal Drive Mechanism (P/N 34306). This set of genuine Rogar replacement parts is designed for all Rogar Openers (sold separately).

Each set includes:

  • Large and small bushings - can be purchased separately (item #35590)
  • Cam - can be purchased separately (item #30607)
  • Dog - can be purchased separately (item #30608)

Please note: many companies offer knockoffs products that look very similar to genuine Rogar products, and some even use our "Estate" brand name. To repair a non-Rogar opener, the best option is to contact the original merchant from whom you purchased your opener. If you try to use Rogar replacement parts to repair your non-Rogar opener, we cannot guarantee that our part(s) will work.

Use genuine Rogar replacement parts with your Rogar wine opener.

  • Large and small bushing
  • Cam
  • Dog

Brand: Rogar

Size: 2w x 4 1/2d x 1h (in)

Weight: 0.4 lbs

Material: Plastic

Disassembly & Assembly Video Guide

Ratings & Reviews

25 Reviews

Bo -


"Estate" Replacement arm & Drive will fit "Vintner" model with some sanding!!

I have a 30 year old "Vintner" Rogar Wine opener. It is "Solid Brass" much heavier construction than the "Estate" model Rogar opener.
The "Drive" and "Guide" slugs are plastic and after many years of use finally failed.The replacement Drive Slug comes as one piece (assembled) with the ARM but it is designed for the "Estate" model perfectly.
It will fit the older "Vintner" model version only after "Estate arm #30838" is sanded down (about 1/16 in) on the "narrow" side. Do not over tighten the assemble screws on the "Vintner model" You may need the Large Bush #30413 on the other side of the replacement arm but NOT the small Bush #30414.

Perry -


Rogar Parts

the parts i ordered worked perfectly,even on my 20+ machine



Better Than Investing in a Cheap New One

I have had my Estate corkscrew for many years and it has opened many bottles of wine. Recently a part broke inside. I looked at replacement corkscrews but they all looked cheap and the reviews on them confirmed that. I was glad to find the replacement parts at IWA. I have them installed and I'm back to opening bottles. A printout of directions would have been helpful.

Donna A -


Rogar Parts

We were able to install the Drive Mechanism and get our Estate opener up and working again! Some pictures or instructions would have been helpful, but we managed okay. A little pricey, but we got what we needed. The Estate is so far superior to other corkscrews that this will soon be forgotten. Thank you.



The "dog" part turns out to be a real dog

This kit includes a small part called, "dog" it was previously listed as a separate item for about $12. Now it's bundled and cost $40, how does that make your customer feel, especially having asked for this part for at least 10 months.