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Monthly Operating Cost

CellarPro 1800H Wine Cooling Units

Kwh Rate1

Average Compressor
Run Time (2)







30 Minutes / Hour

$6.28   $12.56   $18.84   $25.11

40 Minutes / Hour

$8.37   $16.74   $25.11   $33.48

50 Minutes / Hour

$10.46   $20.93   $31.39   $41.86

(1) The Kwh rate can be found on your electric utility provider's bill.

(2) Estimated run time in a given hour is over a 24-hour period. The amount of run time will depend on a number of factors, including the temperature set point, the temperature in the ambient environment outside the wine cellar, ample ventilation, and proper maintenance of the wine cooling unit.

  • The cooling unit's fans are set at the "low" speed and uses approximately 349 watts when the compressor and fans are "on".
  • The the cooling unit uses 361 watts at the "high" fan speed.
  • When the compressor is "off", the cooling unit uses 15 watts.
  • An average of 30 days in a month.