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Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. If you place your order with IWA, we offer the following satisfaction guarantee:

  • We are an authorized dealer / retailer for all of the merchandise offered for sale on our site, and all merchandise is protected by the manufacturer's full original warranty;
  • The merchandise offered for sale on our site is brand new, not refurbished or gray market; the merchandise was purchased direct from the manufacturer; and the merchandise is unopened and in the manufacturer's original packaging;
  • We will provide detailed product information to assist you in your purchase decision;
  • Our product pricing will be simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand;
  • If you have any questions, we will respond quickly and thoroughly to your request;
  • We will try to ship your order based on the status and within the timeline indicated for each item on our site;
  • We will send to you an email notification that confirms your purchase immediately after you place your order;
  • If you change your mind for any reason and your order has not shipped, you may cancel your order for no charge;
  • We will not charge your credit card until your order is ready to be shipped; and
  • We will send shipment notification and order tracking information once your order is shipped.

Our customers appreciate your feedback, good and bad, and so do we!  Please take a minute to submit product reviews for items that you purchase on our site - the review forms are listed on each item webpage.

Thank you for your business!