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Affordable Custom Wine Cellar w/ Vintner Wine Rack Kit in Westminster, CO

IWA built this beautiful 800+ bottle cellar in Westminster, Colorado using Vintner Series wine racks to reduce the cost and stay within client's limited budget. Beautiful Custom Wine Cellars You Can Show To Guests

Background & Goals

  • Wine cellar for house in Westminster, Colorado
  • Client wanted the racks to match the home decor
  • Limited budget did not allow for custom-built racks
  • IWA designer proposed Vintner Series wine rack kit to cut costs
  • Performed heat load calculation exercise to determine appropriate cooling unit

Vintner Series Wine Racks

  • Client was concerned with how the racks will match existing home decor.
  • Multiple wood samples with various stain options were sent to client.
  • Client chose prime mahogany with dark walnut stain.
  • Quality material at a mass-produced price helped client stay within budget.
Elegant Wine Cellar with LED Lighting

LED Lighting

  • LED lights were added to brighten up the space.
  • While more expensive than regular light bulbs, LED lights use less energy saving money in the long run.
  • LED lights don't emit heat, protecting the wine from premature aging which other heat emitting lights can cause.

CellarPro Cooling System

  • The cellar was built with a CellarPro 3200VSi cooling unit which is designed for 400-800 sq. ft. cellars.
  • Cooling unit was hidden from plain view with a wooden louvered grill that matches the racks.
  • The cooling unit’s variable speed fans allow it to operate quietly at low temperatures, but also perform at maximum when temperature rises above 115F.
  • With the CellarPro 3200VSi unit, temperature and humidity are kept at constant levels.
  • The 3200VSi cooling unit includes a thermostatic heating element, electronic temperature control and adjustable humidity control.
Westminster Colorado Wine Cellar Design Drawing Custom Racking
Westminster Colorado Wine Cellar Design Concealed Lighting

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