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Nick & Sam's Restaurant Wine Cellar - Dallas, TX

Nick & Sam's Restaurant Wine Cellar - Dallas, TX This showcase wine cellar, custom designed and installed by IWA for Look Cinema in Dallas Texas, features insulated glass, display racking, and specialized HVAC equipment, The owners call it "the jewel of LOOK Cinema" because of the measurable increase in wine sales at the adjacent Nick & Sam's restaurant.


  • Upscale dining theatre in Addison, Texas, outside of Dallas
  • Partnering with renowned local restaurateur Nick & Sam's
  • Client requested a free standing wine room separating the VIP dining area
  • Architect provided the initial design, requesting a turnkey solution
  • We provided final designs for the enclosure, cellar refrigeration, and racking

Glass Cellar Theme

  • Authentic to the architect's vision, IWA created a steel and glass cellar
  • To keep wine properly chilled within glass, experts at CellarPro were consulted
  • IWA consultants are also CellarPro factory trained in cellar refrigeration
  • Negative corners were used in the design—a unique visual element
  • Despite structural challenges of using glass, the cellar was completed quickly
Nick & Sam's Restaurant Wine Cellar - Dallas, TX


  • Structure includes steel vapor barrier, insulation, entry door and wall, racking, floor, and ceiling
  • HSS hollow steel iFrame with double pane glass and black butt glazing
  • Ceiling uses 2x4 framing and marine grade plywood, finished with cedar T&G
  • Racking is Platinum Vintage View with FCF frames
  • Refrigeration uses two CellarPro AH6500SCh with remote displays
  • Floor is finished with cedar T&G
  • Two weeks from beginning of installation to clean up and final walk through
Nick & Sam's Restaurant Wine Cellar - Dallas, TX