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Coravin Model 8 Bonus Pack Wine Access System (P/N 100001). Using a non-coring medical-grade needle that inserts through the cork, Coravin allows you to taste your wine without opening the bottle.

When you're ready to pour, use the wine-on-release trigger to pressurize the bottle. Angled pours result in clean and even results. The high-tension bottle clamp ensures stability, and is adjustable to fit multiple bottle sizes.

While pouring the wine, Coravin inserts Argon gas into the bottle to preserve the wine remaining in the bottle. Two Argon capsules are included with the system. Each capsule allows you to pour up to 15 glasses of wine (5 oz pours). Additional capsules sold separately.

After the needle is removed, the cork reseals to maintain a perfectly unopened bottle. Synthetic corks do not reseal, use the Coravin once, then tape over the needle hole to keep bottle preserved.

Each system includes:
  • Coravin Model 8 (formerly known as Coravin 1000)
  • 1 Standard non-coring needle
  • 2 Argon gas capsules
  • Wine bottle protection sleeve
  • Storage base
  • Needle cleaning tool
Not recommended for synthetic corks or screw-caps.

Taste your favorite wine without pulling the cork and opening the bottle.

  • Non-coring medical grade needle
  • Argon gas preserves wine in the bottle
  • High tension bottle clamp ensures stability
  • Adjustable to fit multiple bottle sizes
  • Wine bottle sleeve protects flawed bottles from bursting
  • Storage base holds the system upright when not in use
  • Needle cleaning kit keeps system operating at peak performance
  • Includes 2 Argon capsules
Size: 3 4/5w x 2 9/10d x 8 4/5h (in)

Weight: 2.75 lbs


1 year limited warranty (including the needle) covering manufacturing defects.

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Encourages sensible consumption of those high-end wines...


Super-easy to use and a cost-effective way of enjoying high-end wines without feeling pressured to finish them once they've been uncorked. In the end, the biggest benefit might be that this device lowers the bar for opening wines from the "top shelf" of our wine closet, rather than always saving them for a special occasion.

Implementation of the Coravin: A Server's perspective.


I work as a Server at a fine dinning restaurant just 30 minutes west of Denver, in a small, upscale town, that is tucked away in the mountains; if you vacation

to Vail or one of the many other astounding ski resorts, you'll drive right by us.

Our restaurant sells a significant amount of wine, both by the glass, as well as by the bottle. We implemented the Coravin into our restaurant a couple months ago after one of our close partners within the wine business introduced us to it. Seeing that it could be both advantageous for our guests, as well as the restaurant, we gave the Coravin a shot; and it has definitely benefited wine service overall. It is an absolutely amazing tool for my coworkers and I to use while serving wine.

It solves a major wine preservation dilemma within the service industry, by allowing us to serve higher end bottles via a glass, when we could not have done so before due to the wine becoming over oxidized within just a day or two. Now we are able to sell a glass of a nice, voluptuous, tannic Cabernet for someone who is celebrating their birthday or anniversary. We can now also enable consumers to test a glass of an higher-end wine, before purchasing an entire bottle of expensive wine that doesn't suit their tastebuds.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Coravin to any wine aficionados out there as well as any restaurants alike.

You'll love your Coravin


I purchased our Coravin over two years ago and know it's the best system with which to drink a portion of a bottle. I've accessed bottles and then opened them as long as five months later. My wife and I have compared the accessed bottle with the new bottle of the same wine. We have not been able to distinguish any difference while enjoying a side by side blind tasting together. My wife also likes the Coravin when she needs a small amount of wine for a recipe. We can drink the rest of the bottle or save it and finish it a later date. I highly recommend the Coravin.

Coravin Review


I recently earned my Specialist in Wine with the Society of Wine Educators. The next level is Certified Wine Educator. There are 5 parts to earn that certification. One of these is tasting 8 different wines in a blind tasting and identifying. My Coravin allows my husband to pour me several different varietals without having to open multiple bottles. In our house an open bottle always becomes empty before bedtime. This system saves us money and allows us compare and contrast different wines.

We both very impressed with the quality and the workmanship of this product.

HIGHLY recommend!!!

Love my Coravin


I love using the Coravin to either access bottles that I want to monitor in my collection, checking to see when they are ready to drink, OR, enjoy a glass fine wine without committing to the entire bottle. When my friends come over we prefer to try 10-15 different bottles in an evening, drinking across the bottles as opposed to consuming one or two bottles because they happen to be open.. Having a Coravin has completely transformed the way I drink wine.