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Wine Bottle Tags Reusable Set of 50 (P/N C-8073). Includes 50 tags and a marker with washable ink. Imprinting is available-please contact us for additional information.

The diameter of the opening is an ample 1 1/4-inches, large enough for most wine bottles, with a cut at the top to allow for even wider openings.

Resuable wine bottle tags have a washable surface, and the handy marker washes off with water or rubbing alcohol. One side of each tag has a green grape print (for white wines), and the other side has a burgundy grape print (for red wines.)
  • 50 reusable tags
  • Pre-printed on both sides for white and red wines
  • Includes marker with washable ink
Brand: Franmara 

UPC: 073705080738 

Size: 1 3/4w x 3 1/2h (in) 

Weight: 0.2 lbs 

Flutter and Fall

by -

Great idea, but in our wine cooler the tags fall off easily. After trying them for a week, I gave up and will not use them in the future.

Long Time needed and now in use.


Wine Tags are exactly what I have wanted for years and just did not get to order them. They came on time and in good condition. Nice to find they are sided for red and white.

save a tree

by -

Great for organizing our wine cabinet. Save a tree and use reusable tags.

Tags for wine inventory work great

by -

These tags are helpful in keeping my inventory straight when I want to select a wine. Reusable features are helpful. Red side for red wine and Green side for white wine are also thoughtful features

Reusable wine bottle tags


Great tags as it is exactly for what I was looking. Tags are plastic and with erasable pen (provided) I was able to identify my wines and note the best period to drink them. Labels slip easily over the bottle's neck.

Almost perfect

by -

Would have gave this 5 stars but the marker ink does not come off easy after on for a few days and leaves the tags discolored. Otherwise they work great.

I love these tags!


I have a lot of bottles at my restaurant and they help locate them quickly! The slit on the opening helps with the larger neck bottles.



great to know what you're looking at without disturbing the bottle (or, if you're like me, dozens of bottles), quickly find your selection for that cocktail hour or tonight's dinner. Just be careful of touching the writing, it is reusable, of course.

Wine Tags


I love them. It makes it much easier to pick a wine to drink. I also save the tags off wines we especially like and take them with me to our favorite wine store. Makes it easier to get a wine we like. Our wine store owner was actually impressed with them.

Wine Bottle Tags Reusable (50), #1386


The perfect gift for the man who has everything. Also helps finding the right bottle of wine in a minimal amount of time. I like that these are reusable too.

Happy with purchase


We are very happy with our purchase! The tags are the perfect size and the pen included with it works just fine. Can't wait to fill up our wine rack and use more of them :)



These are great for organizing your collection. The pen isn't the greatest, but dryboard erasable pens work well with them.

Easy Inventory


Simple inventory system. Identify your wines quickly without having to take them in and out of racks and risk damaging the labels.

Wine bottle tags


Cannot live wihtout these for hte cellar!

No complaints!


great tags/super fast delivery. thanks!

Best writeable surface


These tags have the most "white space" of any I've found. I put a lot of info on each label, starting with an abbreviation for the varietal on the tab at the top. Then the producer/vineyard, drink-by year range, vintage and price. All the other tags I've looked at have significant "real estate" devoted to a logo, an indicator of red/white, or other info I have no need of. On these the red/white indicator is small enough to ignore or otherwise write around. And besides, I only need a couple of labels to indicate the whites since I only care about the varietal, and I can tell a bit by the shape of the bottle. The same is true for dessert wines. The reds are where I really want to display a fair amount of info. I hang one tag for each of the 3-6 bottles we usually buy, use with a permanent marker on both sides and toss after the last bottle is happily consumed. Even if these were more expensive a Phelps Insignia deserves to have its tag retired when it's drained. This item is getting harder to find in general so I buy several packages every few years.

Versatile tages, useless marker


A previous version of similiar tags has helped organize my cellar for years. These tags are an improvement with red grapes imprinted on one side and white on the other making both sides usuable. The prescored part of the opening allows the tag to easily slip over larger necks on bottles such as Phelps Insignia recent vintages. Unfortunately the marker provided with all three packs I ordered is permanent and in fact not washable, even with soap and hot water. Luckiliy I tested this after writing on just one tag. I had to buy Expo wet erase pens at Staples. After checking several internet sites, these tags are the best value and this vendor sells them at the lowest price.

Very helpful


I have used these for years and enjoyed them so much I just ordered this small package for a friend who just built a wine cellar.