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Wine Bottle Tags Reusable Bulk Set of 250 (P/N 1597). Bulk pack includes 250 tags and a marker with erasable, non-toxic ink in black. Imprinting is available-please contact us for additional information

Resuable wine bottle tags have a washable surface, and the handy marker with erasable ink dries quickly and wipes off easily. One side of each tag has a green grape print (for white wines), and the other side has a burgundy grape print (for red wines.)

The diameter of the opening is an ample 1 1/4- inches, large enough for most wine bottles, with a cut at the top to allow for even wider openings.
  • Reusable tags
  • Pre-printed on both sides for white and red wines
  • Includes one marker with erasable, non-toxic ink
  • Markers are offered in black erasable ink
Brand: IWA 

Size: 1 3/4w x 3 1/2h (in) 

Weight: 0.8 lbs 

Helpful Product


The tags work very well. Lots of space to write on and each side has a white or red grape clusters to differentiate red from white. The quantity is perfect for larger cellars. This is the second time have used these tags.

Helps me easily find bottles in my wine storage room.

The pen is worthless so I use pencil.

Reusable Wine Label Tags


I purchased a couple boxes of these several years ago and am still using them over and over. As noted by others, you may want to get a better pen as the one that comes in the box is barely adequate. I've had to cut through the top of mine to fit over many of my bottles, but the tags still work fine. The manufacturer should recognize that many wine bottles have a larger diameter neck at the opening and make the hole in the tag larger. These clean up very easily with one swipe using either water or fingernail polish if one uses an indelible marker on them. I would buy these again, they work very well. Make the hole in the tag bigger and provide a better pen and I'd rate them 5 stars.

Wine Cellar Tags

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Durable plastic should last for years!

Neck hole fits both 750ml and magnum bottles comfortably.

Dimensions of tag are large enough to include all data points: Region, Varietal, score, vintage, producer, name.

Reusable wine tags

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The storefront adequately described this item. Order process was easily accomplished and delivery was prompt. However, upon receipt we found that the included marker pen did not write; it seemed completed dried out. Using a thin Scripto pen with non-permanent ink proved acceptable. The nature of the tags predispose them to smearing when inserting bottles onto a rack. With care, they should be fine.

Good tags, great service

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Plain, simple and reusable tags are just right. Also, I had a problem on the fulfillment of a different order and IWA took care of it immediately, outstanding customer service.

Bait and Switch ?

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I received the tags and they do not look like the photo, they have corporate advertising from a wine website on them. I wanted blank tags, that's why I didn't order the Wine Spectator tags. IWA customer service is closed on the weekend, let's see how they handle the return and replacement. What a lot of effort for a few tags ! I am disappointed in IWA for this.

Reply from IWA

Paul, thank you for your patience while we investigated your complaint.

Upon examination of our inventory, we discovered that our supplier shipped to us a mix of tags with and without the winetrails name in the most recent shipment, and we missed it when we received the shipment in our warehouse.

To correct the problem, we will ship the correct tags to you today, and we will contact our supplier to replace the winetrails tags in our inventory so that this problem does not arise again.

Please keep the improper tags or discard of them, as you wish. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Perfect for keeping track of 300+ bottles


These tags are perfect for keeping track of one's wines. One side of the tag is for whites, the other for reds. I bought this product over the paper version because it is reusable. I would recommend this to other oenophiles.

Find that favorite bottle

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This has really made a difference in finally getting our wine collection in some semblance of order!! We are finding bottles we have been searching for!! It is also great for providing an inventory of what needs to be replaced. Love the fact that they are reusable.



The wine tags are great but the marker didn't write

I had to go buy another one.

Wine labels


I've been using these wine labels for years, and it's nice that they now a small slit in the label for larger neck bottles. Great product.

Wine Labels

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I am very happy with the reusable wine labels. They are easy to use and make wine location easy. I highly recommend them.

Bottle Tags

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Very functional bottle tags. No logo to take up real estate. Red and green grapes are useful to me. Pens are worthless. Get your own. Price is acceptable for the tags without the pens.

Label OK, pen not so OK


Bottle tags are great! Plenty of room to write on them. The pen supplied with the labels does not write clearly (I may have had a dry one), and the tip is too broad. It will never look like the marketing picture. Certainly could be improved. I bought a Scarpie and it works much better.

Resusable Wine Tags

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I love the tags but not the pens, the tip is not fine enough and once the ink dried, it became permanent (therefore not reusable). The tags look great though!

The "Old" Coated Paper Ones Are Better


The coated paper tags, which apparently aren't available any more, were much better. The pen is a bad joke and other ink takes forever to dry.

Very Good-Except for the pen


I've been using these tags for well over 25 yrs. and they are the best bottle tags available. They are reusable but as others have said the supplied pen is not very good. I learned that fine piont erasable felt pens from stationary stores work much better but it will still take some practice in writing very small. Dishwashing detergent works well in removing the ink.

Repeat buyer


The tags are great. Originally bought 50 and then after testing bought another 250 for my 400 bottle cellar. Toss the pen, it will ruin the tags as that ink is not washable. Expo Vis-a-Vis wet erase fine point pens work well but still must be used without a lot of pressure to avoid wide lines. However, I have used several other tags and this is true with all of them. These tags have the best surface to be washable of any others I tried.

The pen is worthless


The pen writes way too wide for the label. Don't buy for the pen. The labels work well.

Low rating is for the pen, not the label.

Wine Bottle Tags


I bought these because they were described as reuseable. I found that the (tiny) pen included and any I could get from the office supply store that are dry-eraseable wrote with such wide marks that not enough info fits onto each lable, and even the slightest touch to the writing removes it instantly. These might work if one used a regular fine-point pen, but then they wouldn't be reuseable and that makes them rather expensive.



Had my order in a matter of days. These tags are the best I've seen. Just a simple red grape bunch printed on one side and a white on the other. Plenty of room to write. And the 250 pack was most economical.

Wine Bottle Tags


Love them, love them.

Great reusable tags


Got these to use in conjunction with a cellering program - Was always having to look for specific bottles. Now I am able to find the specific bottle I am looking for in my 220 bottle cellar. 70% red, 20% white and 10% ports.

Great Wine Bottle Tags


Being an environmentally aware person I think these tags are great! I wanted a tag that was reusable and that had a way of color coding the whites from the reds for ease of finding what I am looking for. My 200+ bottle rack is filled with approx. 90% red wines, so having the tags be reversible (red on one side and white on the other) is perfect. That way I can use any tag for any purpose and then reuse it when I am done. The only think I would like more it that the color coded grapes were a little bigger - but that is just a personal preference, so I am giving these 5 stars!

Exactly what it shows


exactly what it shows, very convenient, just enough room to write vineyard, wine type, year

Reuable wine bottle tags - an excellent buy


Makes identifying and finding the bottle you are searching for so much easier, i tried a celleraing application and it took time so it fell out of use. These tags a quick and easy tio use, being recyclable is even better, many places sell at a much higher price this is an excellent but - rib -