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4200VS Temperature & Humidity Performance

High-Temperature Environment


We tested CellarPro's 4200VSi wine cooling unit for 36 hours by heating the condenser environment to 110°F. Despite the grueling heat, CellarPro's 4200VSi was able to maintain temperatures at 55°F and relative humidity at 65% inside the wine cellar. (2)

Test Conditions:
  • The cooling unit was tested in a 1000 cubic foot wine cellar with R-13 rigid foam insulation and a moisture barrier
  • The wine cellar was filled with approximately 1000 bottles
  • The CellarPro cooling unit was set to maintain 55°F (53°F "off" and 4°F Temperature Differential) (1)
  • The temperature measurements inside the wine cellar were taken at the far wall (approximately 12' from the cooling unit)

1) CellarPro cooling units provide maximum flexibility for controlling the environment inside a wine cellar. Rather than selecting a single temperature target, CellarPro users designate the lower and upper temperature settings during which the cooling unit cycles off and on. In the test charted above, the CellarPro cooling unit was set to cycle "off" at 53°F, and cycle "on" at 57°F (55°F average.)

(2) The short spikes reflect the cooling unit's auto-defrost cycle.