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WMF Wine Decanter Gift Set (P/N 09 0180 6030). Whether it's young and tight or old with sediment, your wine will be transformed when it is poured through this funnel and allowed to breathe in this stylish decanter. You'll be amazed at the smoothness and clarity that results when you pour your wine through this funnel.

Let your wine sit and breathe in this wide-based decanter, to allow the bouquet to develop and achieve its full potential.

Set includes decanter and stainless funnel with removable strainer.

While supplies last. This gift set includes our popular WMF lead-free glass decanter at the regular retail price, plus a high-quality stainless steel funnel with removable strainer FREE!


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 1 Liter

Size: 7 1/2w x 8 1/2h

Weight: 4 lb

P/N: 09 0180 6030

UPC: 744004476651


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Could be Better

by JWA
This is a great gift set - the decanter and the funnel both look very nice, and the price is very reasonable. But I wish the wine cascaded when it's poured through the funnel, like it does with WMF's Decanting Funnel #1414.

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