WineKeeper Basic Argon Keeper (P/N 7761). An affordable and easily portable dispensing system, The Keeper uses a pressurized blanket of argon to protect wine from oxidation and spoiling. Add more bottles under its protection by expanding The Keeper with additional stopper faucets. Whether in a commercial kitchen or protecting wine in the home, the system can adapt to your needs. It is a split system and can fit a 750ml up to Magnum bottle, depending on the size of the neck.

The Argon Keeper is smaller than the Nitrogen version, with more easily concealing cylinders. There is no Hazmat fee when shipping gas recharge cylinders, which have an elegant silver look.

System Includes:
  • One stopper faucet
  • Single-stage regulator
  • 24" supply tube with male quick-disconnect
  • 1 disposable Argon gas cylinder (15 bottles of wine)

Our simplest, most affordable dispensing system, that has been a best seller for over 20 years.


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 375ml - 1.5l bottle

Size: 5 1/8w x 5 5/8d x 11 3/8h (in)

Weight: 4 lb

Warranty: 1 Year (see Warranty page for more detail)

UPC: 682318846770