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Winery Dogs of Sonoma (P/N 978-0-9773014-5-8). Meet Sonoma's latest and greatest winery dogs! Discover the tour guides, the greeters, the healers, and the salesdogs that make Sonoma wineries magical. Whether they're swimming the Russian River, chasing bungs, riding forklifts or selling wine with their charm, these Sonoma dogs are busy enjoying the good life. From the Havanese office lapdog to the Great Pyrenees outdoor protector, Andrea Jacoby captures their unique personalities and Elaine Riordan provides an insiders view of the life of the lucky winery dog.

The rich photographs and engaging stories make these books treasured keepsakes to be read again and again.

Hardcover with glossy jacket, 176 full-color pages.

Meet the lucky dogs who work and play in the stunning vineyards of Sonoma!


Condition: Brand New

Size: 10.8w x 10.8d x 0.8h (in)

Weight: 4 lb

P/N: 978-0-9773014-5-8


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