WineKeeper 4-Bottle Wine Tasting Station (P/N 16158). This inexpensive and flexible dispensing system for .375-1.5 liter bottles is ideal for tasting rooms and restaurants. Parts are available by request for 3-6 liter, screwtop, and port sizes, and multi-outlet manifolds can expand the system up to 20 bottles.

Does not include refillable gas cylinder. Upgrades available for: 5 lb cylinder or 10 lb cylinder

System includes:
  • 4 stopper-faucets (stainless steel siphon tube)
  • Two-stage regulator
  • 6' of Nitrogen supply tubing to a 4-way manifold

Compatible with your choice of Argon or Nitrogen gas via CGA-580 refillable cylinder (sold separately).

Dispense and preserve a variety of wines using this convenient tasting station, based on our popular Commercial Keeper.


  • Compatible with your choice of Argon or Nitrogen gas via CGA-580 refillable cylinder (sold separately).


Condition: Brand New

Weight: 3.3 lb



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Preserves wine for a LONG time!

by BurgLover - verified purchaser
I've used vacu-vin in the past. Helps, but only for very short term - a day or two. My wife encountered medical problems which caused her to stop drinking wine, so now I'm going through bottles more slowly. I also like to be able to have a glass of one wine one night, and a different night the next, depending on what I'm pairing it with for dinner.

This setup makes it all possible! I purchased a small tank of Argon at a local gas supply shop, rather than purchase from here and pay the hazard shipping fee. Got it a lot cheaper too! Argon is better than Nitrogen because it's heavier than air and will sit on the surface of the wine, displacing oxygen.

Now I can have a glass of one wine tonight, open a different bottle tomorrow, and a third on the following night. Doesn't matter if I don't get back to the first bottle for a week or more. The wine tastes just as fresh as when it was opened, even after a couple of weeks! So far I've only tried it on west coast wines and a couple of inexpensive Bordeaux. I haven't tried it on something like a delicate aged Burgundy, but I suspect it should work pretty well.

I'm very impressed with the results! The equipment seems well made and should last a long time. I also like the fact that they sell replacement parts here. This definitely gets a big thumbs up from me!

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