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Wine Spectator Paper Tags (250) (P/N 90075500116). Simply hang these handy tags from your wine bottles and read all the vital information, without having to disturb your bottles. Made of resin-coated paper. Set of 250.

A must for every serious collector.


Condition: Brand New

Size: 1 5/8w x 3 3/8h (inches)

Weight: 0.6 lb

P/N: 90075500116


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These are awesome

by Adam
I write the vintage, wine info, everything.
On the back, if it was a gift from a friend I like to write that too so when I do drink my wines down the road, I can tell my friend what I thought about the wine, and make sure to thank them again.

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A handy accessory to have

by Hanan
I have used Wine Spectator paper tags for more than 15 years. I find them quite handy. When I purchase a bottle of wine, I tag it including name and vintage, time and place of purchase, cost, when to drink, and several ratings when i can find them. When you have several hundred bottles of wine, and when you are ageing some of them for many years, you cannot expect to remember all of those details about each wine bottle (at least I do not expect that). These tags are relatively inexpensive (considering the price of the liquid in the bottles) and a handy accessory to have.

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Nice but some sizing issues

by Mason - verified purchaser
I've been tagging my wine for years, and all tags are pretty much the same. These work as well as the next, and the price is right. The only rather substantial issue I have is that the diameter of the neck hole is so small they won't fit on a good portion of my bottles. I've run into this problem before almost exclusively with sparkling wine bottles, but with these tags there are quite a bit more bottles on which they will not fit - Zinfandel, Pinot, any bottle that has any minor increase in the cork/neck area.

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