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Nuance Wine Finer Aerator Pourer and Stopper (P/N 180700). Your wine is filtered through a stainless steel filter and aerates your wine while you pour. When you insert the Wine Finer in the bottle and pour, that gurgling sound you hear is air being drawn into the wine. The wine then flows through the 32 holes and screen, producing a flavor enhanced and sediment free glass of wine. It has a built-in sediment screen so wine residue remains in the bottle. When finished aerating simply rinse the wine finer with warm water and let dry.

Unfined and unfiltered are the techniques that some of today's best winemakers are employing.


Condition: Brand New

Size: 7h (in)

Weight: 0.5 lb

P/N: 180700

UPC: 5706023051290


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Nuance Wine Finer Aerator Pourer and Stopper, #4912

by John - verified purchaser
Cannot believe no one has written a review.
Have been using this brand for 4 - 5 years. Use it for both white and red wines.
Love it. Several weeks ago I left it in a bottle and the bottle was thrown away.. alone with the Nuance Aerator. SO I promptly ordered another. We use ours every time we have wine.

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