Vinotheque Wine Cabinet (P/N 7575). The series comes standard with the French window pane doors along with the detailed moldings on the crown and base. The new Pedestal Design is a major advancement in cabinetry design which offers numerous benefits. The top and bottom of the cabinet are extended with an enhanced frame to be flush with the doors. A new hinging system sits atop this frame to hold the doors in place without excessive pressure on the base of the cabinet. These hinges include re-enforcement brackets on the doors to prevent cracks and damage. They offer zero clearance door opening for built in applications. This design offers superior longevity in use at restaurants and hotels where wear and tear can be excessive. This pedestal design also offers superior structural integrity for attaching crown and base moldings. With the firm support of the pedestal, the molding is much less likely to incur damage during delivery or from moving the cabinet around in your home or business. Vinotheque wine cabinets are handcrafted and made in the U.S.A . With over thirty years of experience in the business and a reputation for high quality craftsmanship, Vinotheque is offering these new designs which incorporate style, elegance, and affordability that will match well in most home a(more...)

Inspired by the grandeur of the legendary horse who broke the damn and allowed the wine god Bacchus to irrigate the vineyards, the Clos Pegase series combines a very classic look with the elegance any wine collector would be proud to own.

Capacity: 356 Bottles plus Bulk Storage

Progressive Plus Racking

Racking is one of the most important but often overlooked options for wine storage. There is a balance between maximizing bottle capacity and flexibility to store various bottle sizes. Vinotheque's Progressive plus racking includes
  • Inside columns that measure 3.5-inches wide, perfect for Bordeaux, Chardonnay, and tapered bottles.
  • Outside columns measuring 3.75 inches wide, to accommodate larger burgundy, pinot noir and champagne bottles, while still holding smaller Bordeaux bottles.
  • Bulk storage at the bottom of the cabinet for magnum and split bottles, special wine boxes, and/or anything oversized that you want to store in the cabinet. This space measures 8-inches high and spans the width of the wine cabinet.
Cherry Hardwoods and Veneers

Cherry wood offers a fine grain and smooth texture, with interesting grain variations and color variations ranging from red to yellow and green. Cherry wood accepts stain and finish well.

WhisperKOOL QT Cooling System

WhisperKOOL's QT system is the most advanced, quietest cooling unit on the market today. We utilize bronze colored cold-plate evaporators to absorb heat from inside the cabinet and discharge it outside the cabinet. The cooling system is designed to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions for storing and aging wines.

Display Row

We include a display row with every Estate Series wine cabinet from Vinotheque. Display rows allow you to view your favorite wines without having to handle the bottles. A second and third display row option is available at an additional cost of $169 per row. To order an additional display row, indicate your preference in the special instructions on the final page when you checkout.

LED Lighting

We include LED lighting in all Estate Series wine cabinets from Vinotheque. LED lighting is growing more popularity based on the simple fact that they are efficient, do not emit heat and have a significant longer life.Knobs and Locks

Door knobs are a new feature with these cabinets. The reasoning for replacing the old style handles with knobs is twofold. Knobs are a simple, clean look. Handles can add or detract from the look and feel of the cabinet. The right style handle is a very personal choice for many of our customers. When standard handles are added at the factory, the customer is limited to the size handles they can add after the fact. By utilizing knobs, only one hole Is drilled, providing maximum flexibility if a change in hardware is desired. Locks are included in the price of these wine cabinets.

Made in the USA

All Vinotheque wine cellars and WhisperKOOL cooling units are made in Stockton, California.


  • Progressive Plus All-Wood Racking
  • Cherry Hardwoods and Veneers
  • Includes WhisperKOOL's Upgraded QT Cooling System
  • Advanced Digital Control Thermostat with Display
  • Includes 1 Display Row (Two or Three Display Rows also Available)
  • Includes LED Lighting
  • Includes Knobs and Locks
  • Made in the USA


Condition: Brand New

Size: 52 1/8w x 31 3/4d x 80h (in)

Weight: 450 lb

Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labor / 5 Years Compressor

P/N: 7575


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