The Ultimate Pewter Funnel (P/N 014517R). After passing through the ultra-deep mesh screen, your wine will travel through one of the five "soft launch" openings located at the base of the funnel, which gently release the wine into the decanter. This technique promotes maximum aeration and clarity, while preventing the wine from becoming bruised.

One screen is included with the funnel. Additional screens are available.

Bring your wine to life with The Ultimate Pewter Funnel 014517R, plus a removable mesh pewter screen that filters unsightly sediment inherent to vintage wines.


Condition: Brand New

Size: 3 5/8d x 5h

Weight: 1.85 lb

P/N: 014517R


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Pewter Funnel

by Wine Lover
I purchased this funnel a few years ago, and it is so beautiful that I just bought another as a gift. It works too!

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