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Ultima Classic Bordeaux Glasses Set of 6 (P/N 200/35). Favored by winery tasting rooms, Ultima Stemware are brighter, stronger, and more durable than other glasses on the market. Lead-free and machine-made to exacting standards, these glasses are extremely resistant to chipping and breaking. Go ahead and put them in the dishwasher-Ultima glasses will continue to shine like a diamond with no clouding or dulling. Stop worrying about your crystal and start enjoying your wine!

Height: 9"

Holds: 23 oz.

Set of 6.

Glasses so strong, IWA backs them for 10 years!

Ultima Bordaux Stemware is the greatest innovation in glassware since the invention of the stem.

In the unlikely event your IWA Ultima glass breaks, we'll replace it FREE, even up to 10 years after purchase! Click here for complete details.


  • Machine made beautiful lead free crystal
  • Break-resistant with 10 year warranty
  • Streamlined classic bowl design
  • Glass of choice in winery tasting rooms
  • Dishwasher safe


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 23 oz.

Size: 9h (in)

Weight: 7 lb

Warranty: The Ultima Warranty provides coverage for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. Learn more about IWA's Ultima warranty.

P/N: 200/35

UPC: 839146002650


Most Recent Reviews


Nice Stemware

by Noreen - verified purchaser
We ordered these glasses and I did not see the finishing issues I have seen in other reviews. I really liked the Bordeaux style glass. Unfortunately, what I now know is called the "foot" of the glass was too wide to fit in our wine rack where we hang our glasses. The foot of this glass measures just over 3 inches wide and I needed it to be just under 3 inches wide and the great customer service at IWA assisted me with returning these glasses and measuring the glasses in the warehouse that fit my criteria - durable, but nice quality and the size I was looking for. I would like to have kept these glasses, very nice.

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Love these glasses

by Cal
We use these glasses everyday in our home, and also for entertaining. They are super-clear, bright and durable. I love the thin rim, light weight and balanced feel of these glasses. The slight seam on the stem doesn't bother me, and none of my friends has ever complained. The size is great because the bowl is large, but not too wide like the Burgundy glasses, so they fit easily in my cabinets. Couldn't be happier...

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Ultima Bordeaux

by Bj
The glasses are a good buy for utility and cost but the seam down the stem detracts a bit.

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Finishing Oversight

by CC
Overall the bordeaux glasses are very light and aesthetically pleasing. The bowl is nicely formed and the edge of the rim is nicely finished. We have one complaint that will cause us not to order more of these glasses; the stem is poorly finished and has a visibly noticable raised seam running the length of the stem on two sides of the stem - this screams cheap stemware! Yes, these glasses are only $10/stem, but we have some old glasses that cost probably half as much and don't have a seam like this. The seam does not feel good between the fingers. Nit-picky, maybe, but none of our other glasses have this seam so the search for new glasses will continue. I will try some other glasses from IWA since they are great to work with.

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Good but thought they would be more durable

by RJ
Like many I have had riedels that were breaking every so often and I got tired of replacing them so I went with the Ultimas. They are decent glasses and stronger than the Riedels however I have had two break in the past year from normal wear and tear(one when I was washing it by hand and the other when it was being placed in the dishwasher and fell over). I also have the Stolzle Revolution Mature glasses which I have found to be sturdier than these.

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good stemware

by charlie
my second batch of ULTIMA stems, having used for about 2 years, with great success, still bright and shiny after many, many passes thru the dishwasher. Bought more (30) , planning for a large gathering of fellow oenophiles and desired good stems. fyi- still use our Reidel stems for those small and special occasions. CHEERS !!

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Good all around Glasses

by ED
These glasses are very sturdy, easy to use. Had some Riedels that were always breaking. They make a good all around glass. No need to buy a set for Reds and a set for whites.

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Great Glasses

by Kyle
Super sturdy, extremely light, and great shape. Overall an excellent glass.

While Riedel and Schott will be lighter in hand, they can't compare to the durability of the Ultima. Minor finishing issue with a slightly raised seem along the stem, but otherwise these glasses are perfect!

Breakage guarantee doesn't hurt either!!

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