Transtherm Castel Solid Door Wine Cellar Black (P/N 2CA3TGB,1PI,1PS,1CEG,2CS,PD). The digital thermostat allows you to set and monitor your wine collection at the touch of a button. Its humidity control system not only reduces excess humidity, but also allows you to increase the humidity level by adding water to the system. Castel wine cellars have three temperature zones and are perfect for storing and chilling your wine collection. Each unit is backed by a 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty on the compressor.

Transtherm Castel wine cellars provide three temperature zones: one large compartment for storage, plus two smaller sections for chilling and red wine service. Door hinged from right or left.

Note: The price shown includes 2 fixed and 1 sliding shelf. Additional shelves are available for purchase.

Placement Requirements: Castel wine cabinets require 4 inches of clearance behind the cabinet, and are designed to operate in environments ranging between 0 - 35°C / 32 - 95°F.

Unlike most other cellars, Transtherm cellars are equipped for both cooling and heating - perfect for use in colder climates or regions with a wide variation in seasonal temperatures.

Transtherm Technology
  • Reinforced Insulation:

    The walls of the Transtherm Castel cabinets are made of three successive thermal barriers. The internal walls are made of strong and odorless insulating shock resistant polystyrene, which absorbs any vibrations from the compressor. The robust and aesthetically decorative exterior walls are reinforced at the corners by insulating sections. The 4.5cm thick high density expanded foam which is injected, ensures optimal insulation. Transtherm cabinets thus have a rigidity adapted to wine bottle storage and thermal stability worthy of the best natural cellars.
  • Automatic Temperature Control: When the ambient temperature rises above the ideal wine conservation temperature, a cold circuit, driven by a very slow cycle compressor mounted on silent-blocks, automatically comes into action. The cold circuit coil, made of aluminum, is within the aluminum back wall of the cabinet, for a better temperature distribution. In the case of a drop of temperature, an electrical resistance, which is also within the back wall, will come into action and automatically increase the temperature.
  • Adapted Humidity

    Bottle corks need specific hygrometric conditions in order not to dry out. The thermal pump (a Transtherm exclusive) allows hot humid air to be obtained automatically. Natural condensation on the back wall records a hygrometric value between 55% - 80%.
  • Natural Ventilation: In order to avoid the mold phenomenon, which would generate bad odors and risk deteriorating the corks, the Transtherm's Castel has natural permanent ventilation, based on the same principal as the thermal pump.
  • Absence of Vibrations: Choosing slow and balanced compressors, as well as disassociating them from the cabinet's body, allows the elimination of all residual vibrations.
  • Cabinets: The technical specifications used endow Transtherm Castel wine cabinets with perfect wine preservation conditions, follow the example of natural cellars. Your wine will improve for your optimum pleasure. The quality of the material, the display ergonomics and the contemporary design make Transtherm wine cabinets the ideal solution for safeguarding your precious collection.
  • Thermal Pump: The thermal pump process, (a Transtherm exclusive), by heating the condensed water, allows the introduction of humid air within the cabinet and considerably increases the hygrometry value between 55% - 80%. This principle gives the cabinet natural ventilation and constant air circulation.
  • Thermal Regulation: Transtherm Castel cabinets are equipped with an electronic temperature regulation system, specifically designed for this purpose. The sensitivity and precision of this regulation operates either the cold or hot circuit at the right moment, and as quickly as possible, in order to maintain, with an external temperature between 0 - 35°C / 32 - 95°F, a maximum temperature variation of 2-3°F inside the wine cabinet. All Transtherm cabinets are equipped with a temperature setting and control panel, featuring a LED display.


    Condition: Brand New

    Capacity: Up to 250 Bottles

    Size: 26 3/4w x 26 3/4d x 72h (in)

    Weight: 252 lb

    Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty - Parts and Labor

    5-Year Limited Warranty - Compressor

    P/N: 2CA3TGB,1PI,1PS,1CEG,2CS,PD



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    by JC
    At this writing the Cave hasn't arrived, more than 13 days after shipping and paying for the unit. I have already received the charge on my credit card.
    The shipping is the most painful part of the process here. I hope the cave is good, and operates well, but I don't have it to be able to tell you. The slow/inefficient delivery ruins the buying experience, and clouds whatever positive attributes the Transtherm unit may have.

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    by Ken Wegman
    The wine cabinet arrived in good condition. The freight carrier's employees were competent and courteous. The instruction booklet for changing the temperature was somewhat confusing,. The sales rep for IWA was responsive and helpful.

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