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The One for Red - 4 Stems, #3253

DISCONTINUED.  The One Glass by Andrea Robinson eliminates the guesswork and complexity from stemware selection, and rivals the finest European stemware for both grace and performance.

The One for Red—4 Stems (P/N 223/01). Designed to bring out the best in all red wines, the carefully engineered shape of The One for Red emphasizes the blackberry and and spice in the boldest cabs, yet still highlights the subtlest fruit and tea-leaf notes in the most delicate of Pinots.

One of only 15 women in the world to have earned the rigorous Master Sommelier credential, Andrea Robinson was also chosen Best Sommelier in the United States, is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York City, and has received several awards and recognitions including the James Beard Foundation's Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year in 2002. As an author of five books, a host for TV programs, and a DVD course on wine, Andrea loves the ability to make wine simple for everyone to enjoy. The One stemware is lead-free, dishwasher safe, and break resistant.

White wine glasses sold separately.

Height: 8 1/4"
Holds 19 1/2 oz.
Set of 4.

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  • Designed to optimize the scent and taste of wine
  • Machine-made with no lead
  • Break resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Set includes 4 stems
  • Condition:Brand New
  • Capacity:19.5 oz.
  • Size:8 3/4"H
  • Weight:4.5lb
  • Shipping Weight:noinfofound
  • Shipping Dims:14l x 14w x 14h
  • Power/Rating:noinfofound
  • Warranty:noinfofound

The One .. Just wonderful

We love these glasses. The shape is so unique. Bought them as a gift and then ordered them again.


Long Island, New York


Lovely but delicate!

We love these glasses but they break very easily and are too tall for my dishwasher.




Great but fragile!

Absolutely love the One but be careful. A slight bump might shatter One.


Newburyport, MA


Happy with The One

This glass does the job & looks good doing it. So far I've tried a Shiraz, Cab Sauv & Amarone in them and the glasses presented each to full effect. I was also mightily impressed with the shipping from IWA as I was not confident that they would arrive unbroken. Despite the mail man's best efforts - he dropped the box on the floor in front of me when he delivered it -- they came through unscathed. Would certainly recommend the glass & the source to others.


Ontario, Canada


The One... we bought!

I bought these as a replacement for some broken Riedel Overture glasses I had. The One stems are a good deal and a nice design. I miss the heft of the Riedels though as these are lighter, and when I look through The One glasses, I see inconsistencies in the glass material that cause distortions when turned. Oh well! These are everyday stems after all. They do a fine job.





Love the shape of these glasses but dropped one on our carpeted floor (~30 in) and it shattered? One down and 3 to go.




The One

We loved these glasses since our son gave them as a gift last year. Looked all over for them and finally found them on this site. Wish they sold at stores. I don't know why they are so hard to find they are great. They make a wonderful gift.

L. Coomber

Tiburon CA


THE Red Wine Glass

I tried this glass out with a young Malbec from Argentina as I prepared a bacon cheeseburger some hours back. The glass did a good job of focusing the bouquet of the wine and provided a pleasant drinking experience.

J. B. Wulff

Bristol, CT


The One we use

This is the second set we have purchased as it is the one glass we use every day (pardon the pun). We have several others to choose from, but this is our favorite. A big hit at parties, which is why we ordered more.


Portland, OR


The One Red Wine Glasses

Love them, really bring out the nose after a swirl!


Colorado Ski Country


Red wine glasses

These glasses are great use it for every glass of red wine. Have many wine glasses but I always choose The One Great in the dishwasher


Naples, Fl


Nice, but overpriced

My daughter had received 4 red and 4 white glasses for her wedding, then proceeded to break 3 of the red ones. She asked for more for Christmas, since she really did like style. They are lovely, but extreme care must be taking while washing. One slip and you've just thrown close to $15 (when you add in shipping) in the trash. I think that unless you are dirinking bottles of wine that are comparably priced to the glasses, the glasses just aren't worth the price. I have to say, they came packaged very well.




Great Glasses That Make a Great Gift!

I bought these glasses for a friend who used Reidel exclusively (so I was taking a bit of a chance on acceptance). He called these "great glasses" and has enjoyed them thoroughly. He also said he appreciated the fact that they're diswasher safe.

Bill K

Phoenix, AZ


The One stemware

This stemware is fantastic. Just perfect. I use it every meal.

Leroy Ginther

Belleville, Illinois