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The First Magnum Decanter—Zwiesel 1872 Collection (P/N 19.11291). Crafted from lead-free crystal, decanting results in an enhanced bouquet and taste to any wine you serve. The Zwiesel 1872 collection, featuring the First Magnum Decanter, is the ultimate in handcrafted glassware. Imported from Germany.

Handcrafted and mouth-blown, The First Magnum Decanter has a graceful neck that opens into a wide base providing maximum surface area for aeration of both young and mature vintages.


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 50 7/10 oz.

Size: 14h (in)

Weight: 6.25 lb

P/N: 19.11291


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Really one of the best out there...

by Sipwine
These are elegant, strong and just what you need to add some style to your dining room floor or home! Simply one of the best out there.

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