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Riedel Vinum XL Pinot Noir Wine Glasses Set of 2 (P/N 6416/67).

The XL Pinot is the largest Pinot Noir glass in the Riedel Vinum line. Specifically engineered for New World Pinots, it to flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of reds.

  • Experts developed the tulip-shaped bowl to concentrate aroma.
  • The 23 oz. capacity accommodates even the most vigorous swirling.
  • A well-proportioned base ensures stability and reduces the risk of a spill.

Recommended for: Pinot Noir, Barbaresco, Barbera, and red Burgundy.

Why choose this set over similar glasses?
  • Riedel was the first to tailor machine-made glasses to specific varietals.
  • The Vinum XL line is better for California wines than the Vinum line, which was designed with Old World wines in mind.
  • The combination of ample size and distinctive rim shape distinguishes the XL from other Vinum products.

By highlighting the balanced flavors, maximizing the fruit, and integrating acidity and tannins, Riedel stemware enhances the flavor, bouquet, and overall pleasure of wine.


  • Design parameters are based on the characteristics of the Pinot Noir varietal
  • Enhances the flavor, bouquet, and overall pleasure of wine
  • Machine-made with over 24% lead crystal


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 26.6 oz

Size: 9 1/2h (in)

Weight: 3.7 lb

P/N: 6416/67

UPC: 632868016673


What makes Riedel stemware unique


Consuming foods or beverages that have been kept or served in leaded crystal products or handling products made of leaded crystal will expose you to lead—a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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by Pat
As always Riedel stemware is the best, enhances all facets of the wine

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Love them but faulty specs

by Brenda
Still love them. But You may want to check the ounces this glass will really hold... More like 22-23 ounces if filled to the very top.

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Riedel Pinot Glasses

by LaRae McCaslin
Didn't like the shape of the top of the glasses...

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Riedel Glasses

by J. Rousseau
So very very nice!!!

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riedel the best

by dan
love these glasses. Pinots taste great in these beautiful glasses.

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