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Riedel Horn Decanter (P/N 2014/02). Austria's early horse-drawn carriage mail service used a Post Horn to announce their arrival-an elegant instrument that has been incorporated into symphonies ever since. A gold stripe in the mouth-blown glass echoes the origins of this stunning decanter. Create an unforgettable wine experience using this classic decanter.

Decanting old wines just a few moments before they are served helps to ensure that the wines' clarity and brilliance are not obscured by deposits and sediment. Decanting young wine several hours before they are served allows the wine to bloom and attain a stage of development that normally requires years of aging.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was inspired by the Post Horn, and his genius was blended with Riedel's finesse to create this truly unique leaded crystal decanter.


Decanter Features
  • Enhances the enjoyment of wine with drama and flair
  • Ensures old wines' clarity and brilliance
  • Allows young wines to bloom and develop
  • Mouth-blown with over 24% lead crystal


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 84.5 oz.

Size: 10.8w x 10.8d x 16 1/2h (in)

Weight: 8 lb

P/N: 2014 / 02



Consuming foods or beverages that have been kept or served in leaded crystal products or handling products made of leaded crystal will expose you to lead—a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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Amazing - Decanter or Art?

by Oscar
This decanter takes my breath away. It is so beautiful, and really is shaped like a post horn. A full bottle fits easily in the decanter, but honestly, I'd rather show the decanter as a piece of art, it's that stunning, especially with the vibrant colors. I don't love every Riedel decanter - the Boa is ugly - but this horn is truly magnificent.

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Horn Decanter

by Boone
When I first saw this Riedel Horn Decanter I knew I had to have it. When we opened the box my wife and I both went WOW! The photo does not do it justice. Of all the decanters we own, which is a lot, this is our favorite. I can't wait to roll it out this Thanksgiving.

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