WineKeeper Refillable Gas Cylinder 5 lb (P/N B5.0). A 5 lb cylinder will dispense enough nitrogen for 20-25 cases of wine. The cylinder holds 14.5 cu. ft. of Nitrogen. It can also be used for Argon. It is fillable from a gas/ carbonic supplier, but not swappable on site. Only compatible with a CGA 580 valve regulator.

This cylinder is for use in the Commercial Keeper, Magnum, Monterey, Monterey ETL, Napa, or Sonoma lines only.

Refillable Gas Cylinder 5 lb

Capacity: 5 lbs

This item includes compressed gas, and therefore requires a hazmat shipping fee of $30, signature upon delivery, and phone number. The additional fee will be included in the shipping amount, if you select Hazmat Shipping from the shopping cart. On request we can ship the cylinder empty to avoid the Hazmat fee.


Condition: Brand New

Size: 5 1/4w x 5 1/4d x 17 1/2 (in)

Weight: 10 lb

P/N: B5.0



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