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Rabbit Wine Tool Kit Black (P/N 6010). The Rabbit Corkscrew is the original and still the best wine bottle opener. Easy to use, the Rabbit is backed by a 10-Year manufacturer warranty.

Assembled in a handsome presentation case for gift-giving and permanent storage of the wine tools, our six-piece tool kit includes:
  • The original Rabbit Corkscrew.
  • Foil cutter.
  • Drip-stop ring.
  • Wine/Champagne bottle sealer.
  • Wax Whacker tool for removing wax seals.
  • Spare spiral for the Rabbit.

The original Rabbit Corkscrew featured in an ideal collection of wine tools for opening, serving, and storing wine.


  • Tool Kit includes: the original Rabbit Corkscrew, foil cutter, drip-stop ring, wine/champagne sealer, wax-whacker, and spare spiral
  • Handsome presentation case with Lucite cover is perfect for gift-giving and permanent storage of wine tools
  • Ten-year manufacturer warranty on the Rabbit
  • Velvet, easy-grip black finish


Condition: Brand New

Weight: 4 lb

P/N: 6010

UPC: 022578060101


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Easy open!

by Janice - verified purchaser
I bought a new Rabbit Wine Opener kit to replace an opener that had worn out. I was surprised how comfortable the handle is. It makes removing a wine cork a breeze. I've also used the champagne stopper on a bottle of Prosecco and it kept the gas in so that it was as good the second day as the first. I would recommend this kit to anyone who drinks wine. It's a great gift.

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Rabbit Wine Opener - Fabulous Gift!

by Polly
What a wonderful surprise...a quality wine opener that actually works! The packaging is superb and makes a great wedding gift! I know what we're getting my nephew for his wedding gift!

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Rabbit Wine opener

by Melba Hamlin
We can't get the rabbit to work. A friend bought a similar one at costco several years ago and it worked so well, I thought I'd get one for my husband (who is 82). I don't have good use of my left hand (ulnar nerve problems) and his muscles are weak as well. The spiral goes down into the cork ok, but when we reverse the handle, the cork stays in the bottle and the spiral comes out without the cork!! We are still using the kitchen-aid corkscrew. This is in no way a problem with the product - just two old people with limited strenght! I don't think I should rate the product based on our difficulties, but based on the looks of it, I'll give it a "5". It was delivered way sooner than expected and is a beautiful product. We'll keep working with it. Cheers!

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by Virgil
I bought one of these sets for a family member a few years back. I was impressed with its quality, functionability, and reliability. When our cheap knockoff recently broke, I ordered the real thing from IWA for ourselves. IWA delivered as promised, on time, and in perfect condition. I 'd recommend the Rabbit for anyone committed to never being embarrased by a wine cork.

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Excellent set

by Ed
The set is excellent. The corkscrew works easily and cleanly, The foil cutter is good. The champagne stopper works well for wines that may build up pressure. I owuld recommend this kit and even buy as gift.

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