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Platinum Pagoda LObjet Bottle Stopper (P/N WS6500). Asia was the inspiration for L'Objet, who introduced us to this collection of beautiful well-priced stoppers, each hand-made by master craftsmen.

Dimension: 4 1/2" H x 1" W.

Even the most serious wine connoisseur will hope a little wine is left over at the end of the night, if they are lucky enough to own one of these gorgeous bottle stoppers.


Condition: Brand New

Size: 1w x 4 1/2h

Weight: 0.75 lb

P/N: WS6500


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by Melissa
I was excited to find this, since it fits well with my Asian décor. There was just enough sparkle to be interesting, without overdoing it and becoming kitchy. The tiny dark blue jewel was particularly pretty. As a stopper, it is heavy and fits in tightly for a great seal on the wine. I love it!

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Kinda heavy

by Kemper
Got this as a gift. It's a little heavy and ornate for my taste, but it works well.

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