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Peugeot Victorien Decanting Funnel (P/N PW240097). For more than a century, the Peugeot name has been synonymous with French gourmet cooking. Recently, an opportunity arose for Peugeot to bring its penchant for quality and innovation to a family of wine products. Since then, Peugeot has offered a wide range of corkscrews, specialized decanters, tasting glasses, and service accessories to wine aficionados worldwide. Wine lovers have their own tastes and preferences for not only their favorite vintage, but the best way to enjoy it. No one is particularly right or wrong, because the appreciation of wine is a personal experience. One point most wine lovers can agree on is that the proper tools and atmosphere enhances the senses and improves overall enjoyment. Peugeot's Victorien is a shiny pewter decanting funnel for mature wines with normal or heavy sediment. It comes complete with both: a flat screen filter for wines with light-to-normal levels of sediment, and a domed screen filter for wines with normal-to-heavy sediment levels. Victorien also features a circular mouth and ornate design.

Peugeot's Victorien funnel is made from solid pewter and includes 2 screens for light or heavy sediment.


  • Includes two filters
  • Flat filter can be used for wines with light/normal sediment
  • Domed filter can be used for wines normal/heavy sediment


Condition: Brand New

Size: 4d x 6 1/2h (in)

Weight: 1.5 lb

P/N: PW240097

UPC: 4006950240097


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