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Nambe Twist Cocktail Shaker (P/N 6274). If you decide the latter, just place this gem in your freezer for 30 minutes and the thermal-retentive Nambe metal will keep things cool and your party hot.

14 oz. cap.

We can't decide if this modern Twist Cocktail Shaker should be displayed as art or invited to the party.


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 14 oz.

Size: 10h (inches)

Weight: 4.5 lb

P/N: 6274


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Solidly built.

by Tom
This is a very solid, heavy duty. It is a little difficult to get the lid off without spilling some of the cocktail. It is a very tight fit, almost too tight. Great look too.

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Unique Shaker

by Kelly
The Pros: A true work of art. It looks great on the bar. It is a nice quality stainless. The Cons: I was surprised at how heavy it is. And the top sticks when trying to take off, and that's when it's empty. I have someone else open it when it's full of liquid. Maybe if it was a screw top it would be easier than how it currently is as a pull top. We received this as a gift, and now noticing how pricey this item is.

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