Line Set for CellarPro Split 6000S/8000S (P/N 61030250L). Each set consists of a copper liquid line and an insulated copper suction line. The larger tube (5/8 ODS), called the suction line, is insulated with 3/4-inch continuous seamless insulation.

The smaller tube (3/8 ODS) is called the liquid line. Both tubes are rolled into a convenient all-in-one package for field installation.

Line sets can be brazed together with couplings to achieve lengths up to 100 feet.

Our25-foot line set is designed to connect the evaporator and condensing units in Cellarpro Split 6000S refrigeration systems from 25 to 100 feet, and CellarPro 8000S refrigeration systems from 25 to 50 feet.

Refer to our Line Sizing Chart to select the proper line set for your split wine cellar refrigeration system.


  • Designed to Work with CellarPro Split 6000S and 8000S Refrigeration Systems
  • 100% Pre-Fabricated for Quick, Efficient & Economical Field Installation
  • Tested to be Defect-Free in Accordance with ASTM E243
  • U.L. recognized or listed


Condition: Brand New

Size: 25 Feet

Weight: 14 lb

P/N: 61030250L


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