Le Creuset Foilcutter (P/N FC-110-1A). Le Creuset foilcutters are an essential and indispensable tool for wine enthusiasts.

Includes an acrylic gift box.

The redesigned 4-wheel foilcutter cleanly removes the foil crown from a wine bottle with a gentle twist of your hand.


  • Removes the foil crown from a wine bottle cleanly and easily
  • Four-wheel design requires just a gentle twist of the hand
  • Opens any size wine bottle
  • Velvet black finish


Condition: Brand New

Weight: 0.4 lb

P/N: FC-110-1A


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Cheap !

by T Rex
I thought with the name on it of Le Creuset this would be a better

than average construction. It however is very shiney,but is very thin,

cheap plastic and not sturdy at all. One can get similar quality devices

at the counter in a wine store of $2. Save $8 + S&H at your wine store.

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