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LAtelier du Vin Bottle Tags (40 tags) (P/N 081099-8). The paper labels are designed to hang easily from the necks of racked bottles, providing you a visual snapshot of your collection.

You will know at a glance how many reds and whites are in residence in your cellar with this bottle tag set composed of 30 "red wine" labels and 10 "white wine" labels.


Condition: Brand New

Size: 2 1/2w x 4 1/8h (in)

Weight: 0.2 lb

P/N: 081099-8


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Just what the doctor ordered

by Steve S
These are perfect (unlike the other item I recently reviewed!). Plenty of room to enter your descriptive info, and the cost makes purchasing more than you probably need a worthwhile endeavor. These tags also serve a secondary purpose...when you take it off the last bottle of that type, put it where you'll be reminded to buy more! And if you don't want more, toss the tag and get ready to replace it with something you like better. They fit all types of bottles without tearing and create a nice presentation in your cellar or rack. Great product. Hope they stick around!

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All organized!

by Lara
These wine tags work great in my wine cabinet - no more pulling out random bottles trying to remember where I put what! I love the colors on these tags, it gives a Tuscany feel to the interior. I also put tags on wines that I particularly enjoyed to remind myself to buy another case. It's easier than saving labels.

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Bottle tags

by Cheryl Hilzer
I like the labels very much. One nice thing about them is they will fit regular size and large neck bottles.

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