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Rabbit Electric Corkscrew Black (P/N 6200). Other electric corkscrews don't have an LCD screen. Or a recessed spiral with a mechanism that locks on the bottle. Or a compact design that's up to 3 inches shorter. Or a sensational 'tube' package. Or the famous Rabbit brand. To make an electric corkscrew worthy of the Rabbit name, we had to reinvent it.

Our electric rabbit corkscrew is rechargeable and includes an AC adapter.

From the makers of the original Rabbit corkscrew, the new electric Rabbit is in a class by itself.


  • Illuminated LCD screen shows number of cork pulls left in charger
  • 3 inches shorter than clumsy, over-sized models
  • Spiral is recessed so corkscrew locks on bottle, cork is pulled straight out
  • By the makers of the original Rabbit corkscrew
  • Assembled in a sensational tube case for gift-giving and permanent storage


Condition: Brand New

Size: 2.2"W x 2.2"D x 9.2"H

Weight: 2.25 lb

Warranty: 1-Year

P/N: 6200

UPC: 022578100760


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by Kathleen Stumpf
Works geat so easy to operate. Service online was great to recieved in a short time.

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Excellent Rabbit!

by Blake W.
I purchased the Rabbit electric-corkscrew for my wife.

After injuring her hand, she found it troublesome opening

a corked bottle of wine with a traditional corkscrew.

Now she simply places the Rabbit on top of the corked

bottle of wine, gently pushes the bottom-button and the

Rabbit does the rest.

She loves it!

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Waste of money

by Steve Miller
I can't get the rabbit to pull the cork out. We have had probably 5 people try and no one can get the cork to come out. Worst investment I ever made.

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