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LAtelier du Vin Developer 2 Decanter Set (P/N 95165-3). Use the Developer® 2 to perfectly decant your wine into this stunning classic decanter. The Developer's contact with the wine reduces the sulphur dioxide content found in some bottles, thus improving the bouquet and the taste. The 6 pouring grooves in the Developer® 2 provide perfect oxygenation, while sliding down the inner wall of the non-leaded glass decanter. The Developer® 2 is a bit more modern in appearance than the original developer and allows for slightly more maneuverability when pouring the wine.

The "Carafe Classic Developer® 2" and the Developer® 2 decanting tool make the perfect duo.


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 25 2/5 oz.

Size: 10 2/5h (in)

Weight: 5.25 lb

P/N: 95165-3

UPC: 3166650951653