Earthquake-Resistant Residential Wine Cellar

Converting an exterior storage room, IWA built this contemporary climate-controlled wine cellar in Santa Barbara, California with a capacity of 936 bottles

Background & Goals

  • Custom residential wine cellar in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Convert exterior, below-grade room previously used to store gardening and pool equipment.
  • Make cellar earthquake-resistant.

Converting a Storage Room to a Wine Cellar

  • Constructed an entire airtight wall and door with combination lock.
  • Used metal wine racks with black finish.
  • Protected wine collection by using special straps to secure bottles to the racking.
  • Maximized storage capacity at 936 bottles.
  • Allowed for storage of bottles of various sizes up to 3 deep.
  • Label forward display aspect made it inherently easy to locate and manage this large wine collection.

CellarPro Cooling System

  • Selected a CellarPro 3200VSi with a rear duct kit and an aluminum filter.
  • The 3200VSi provides optimum efficiency for the specific field conditions and room location.
  • The cooling unit was ducted through the new wall beside the door, making it unnecessary to engineer the existing concrete walls.
  • For this project, a cooling unit with built-in filtration system was necessary because the fresh air intake was being pulled from the outdoors, drawing dust and pollen.