Prime Mahogany Cellar, LED Lighting & CellarPro Cooling

IWA worked with this Texas client to design and build a 1355-bottle cellar featuring a dark walnut stain, a Tuscan-themed alcove, and a table made of wine barrel staves.

Background & Goals

  • 3-level house in Midlothian, Texas, outside of Dallas
  • Client wanted a wine room on lower level
  • IWA did an onsite consultation and gathered room dimensions
  • We provided a scope of work, including cellar refrigeration and wine racking

Prime Mahogany Theme

  • The cellar was made of a deep red prime mahogany and featured:
  • A dark walnut stain to accentuate the classic grain pattern
  • A 3-step process lacquer on the racking made the cellar look more vibrant.
  • Chases clad in a mahogany wood species to match the racking system
  • Floor tiles with brown hues and earth tones to blend with the ambiance

Outside the Cellar

  • A small, Tuscan-themed alcove was built outside the cellar
  • A table made of wine barrel staves where visitors could sit and enjoy wine in a more comfortable temperature

LED Lighting

  • LED lights were placed on the racking to enhance the cellar's beauty
  • This lighting is superior to incandescent or fluorescent lighting because it is energy-saving and does not give out heat that would damage the wines
  • The client can adjust the brightness via a dimmer switch

CellarPro Cooling System

  • The cellar was built with a CellarPro 3200VSi cooling unit that matched the entire racking
  • The temperature in the cellar is about 55 degrees, with a relative humidity of 60-70%
  • A rear duct system was installed due to the requirements of the local conditions
  • A CellarPro bottle probe was included for temperature control