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Cork Booster Extractor (P/N 1040). Air injected corkscrew uses air pressure to remove cork. No CO2 cartridge to replace. Simple hand pump removes the cork without damaging it.

Try our Cork Booster for easy cork extraction with no gas or chemicals!

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Condition: Brand New

Size: 1 1/10w x 1 1/10d x 5 1/2h (inches)

Weight: 0.4 lb

P/N: 1040

UPC: 073705010407


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by Bill Hounshell
I prefer the extractor over a corkscrew, but the extractor will not remove all corks. Some of the non true cork materials seem to have too much friction to allow air pressure to push them out.

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by Ingrid
I Ordered 2 Of the wine-openers and both did not work at all, be interestet to know why do they not work, gave them as gifts ans was thruly embarrassed, please check this out

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by Wayne - verified purchaser
Have tried several air pressure cork removers and this one does not work nearly as well as others. I bought a couple for gifts and one for myself, now I'm not comfortable giving them as gifts. The other brand I have pops the cork in seconds, three or four pumps, this one does nothing when I pump it even dozens of times.

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