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Wine Cooling Unit Service

Questions to ask when purchasing a cooling unit

Where was the cooling unit manufactured?
Country of origin could be Asia
Before you purchase a wine cooling unit, ask where it was manufactured. Some of the leading brands are manufactured in Asia, and the quality can suffer in overseas mass-production factories. If you have a specific question about a particular brand, feel free to give us a call and we'll be glad to help.
CELLARPRO: Made in the USA
We manufacture, test and certify 100% of our wine cooling units in the USA. By sourcing the best components and closely controlling our manufacturing processes, we can assure the highest-quality, lowest defect manufacturing rates in the industry.
Has my unit been rigorously tested?
Testing samples, not all units
Some of the leading wine cooling unit manufacturers test a sample, rather than all, of the cooling units that they produce. Some manufacturers test the power consumption (watts) of their wine cooling units, but not the BTUs produced by the wine cooling units. Watt testing provides information about the operation of the compressor and fans, but omits information about the cooling system's refrigerant charge, pressures, components and electronics.
CELLARPRO: 100% Testing and Certification on every unit
At CellarPro, each and every unit that we produce undergoes rigorous multipoint testing, including:
  • Hypot testing ensures that all of the electrical current is captured in the system
  • We use temperature-controlled test chambers and minimum run-times to test the cooling output and control panel operation
  • Our test chambers are wired with Sper Scientific dataloggers that record and catalog each unit's performance
  • Test data is compared to our benchmark performance metrics and each unit passes or fails—there are no "in-betweens".
CellarPro cooling units also have been tested, approved and certified by ETL, a worldwide independent testing lab, to meet rigorous UL product safety standards. When you purchase a wine cooling unit from Cellarpro, you can have have complete confidence in your purchase.
What's included in the price of my cooling unit?
Most manufacturers require upcharges
Most cooling unit manufacturers advertise a BASE price — and then upcharge for desirable features such as digital temperature control, top-vent exhaust and a power cord that exits from the back of the cooling unit.
CELLARPRO: Straightforward pricing with desirable features
CellarPro offers simple and straightforward pricing for its cooling units. We don't charge extra for desirable features like electronic thermostats and digital displays, cord out of the back, top-vent exhaust and extra cooling capacity.

We do charge for extra parts and/or non-standard modifications, as follows:
  • Autodialer that provides immediate notification of problems with the wine cooling unit.
  • Modified power cord inside the wine cellar (for installations when the outlet will be located inside the wine cellar).
  • Auxiliary fan wiring to provide switched power for ducted applications.
  • Condensate fitting and drain tube for wine cellar installations.
  • Extra mounting brackets for the front of the wine cooling unit in case you can't use your exisiting brackets.
  • Optional louvered grill to cover the rear of the cooling unit.
How are wine cabinet dealers compensated on the sale of Cooling Units?
Dealer advice may not be trustworthy
Wine storage dealers generally earn thin margins on sales of BASE cooling units, and they earn much higher margins on cooling unit upgrades. For example, a "top-vent" modification often adds hundreds of dollars to the price of the unit, even though the cost of the modification is nil. That's why it's important to listen closely to your dealer's recommendations, and make sure that you're getting advice that is honest and objective.
CELLARPRO: Honest, objective advice
CellarPro cooling units are configured to meet the demands of most of our users, so our authorized dealers don't have any incentives to "up-sell" features for CellarPro cooling units.

To learn more about our pricing philosophy and customer service commitment, read About CellarPro.
How long is the warranty? What does it cover? What happens if I need warranty service?
Most warranties do not cover the entire cooling system
Find out how long your cooling unit is covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Make sure you understand if it's just parts, or just labor, or parts and labor that are covered, and for how long. Find out if the warranty covers the entire cooling system or just the compressor. Find out what happens if/when you need your cooling unit serviced; ie who pays for shipping? Will a replacement unit be provided? Are there any loopholes?
CELLARPRO: 5-Year Limited Warranty, best in the industry
CellarPro stands behind its cooling units with the best warranty in the industry. If your cooling unit stops functioning, we'll send you a factory- refurbished replacement cooling unit, and ask you to return to us the original cooling unit AFTER you receive the replacement. That way, your wine cellar won't go unprotected. Your cost is the round-trip shipping. We don't charge for the parts or labor to repair the cooling unit.