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Compare CellarPro Mini Split 3000S vs. WhisperKool Mini Split

Manufacturer Wine Cooling Unit


Mini Split System 3000S


Mini Split System

CellarPro Design
- Sleek Black Powdercoated Finish
- Custom Gunmetal Gray Grill
- Choice of Single or Dual Power Source
- Choice of Electronic or Valve Control
- Mounting Brackets Included
- Access Knockouts: Top, Left, Right, Rear
- Drain Knockouts: Bottom, Left, Right, Rear
- Fan Guard Protection
- Tested and Certified to UL Standards
- Serviceable in the Field

WhisperKool Design
- Brown Powdercoated Finish
- Single Power Source
- Valve Control
- Mounting Brackets Included
- Access and Drain Knockouts: Rear, Bottom
- No Fan Guard (Condensing Unit)
- No Certification
- Serviceable in the Field

- Condensing Unit Rating
- Mfr Part Number

BTUH   3170
(64% More Powerful)
Danfoss   HCG0025R6ELQSB

BTUH   1930
Emerson   M2FH-0020-IAA-140

BTUH @ 55° F
Learn More

Low Fan Speed         2190
Medium Fan Speed  2369
High Fan Speed        2446


Evaporator Specs
- Factory Charge
- Fan Design
- Ducting
- Superheat Adjustment
- Wiring

Dehydrated, Sealed, Charged
Dry Nitrogen
Centrifugal Fan
Dual Inlet / Variable Speed
Max Distance 50 feet per duct
Valve Shraeder Valve
Field Wiring Terminal Block

Plastic Caps No Holding Charge
Centrifugal Fan
Single Inlet Fixed Speed
Max Distance 25 feet per duct
Valve None
Field Wiring Lead Wires

Super-Quiet Operation
Variable Speed Fans

Evaporator Decibels

Low Fan Speed         53
Medium Fan Speed  55
High Fan Speed        63


Condensing Unit Decibels

With Hood         62
Without Hood   64


Advanced Features
Adjustable Humidity Control

Premium Components
-High-Output Compressor
-Variable-Speed Evaporator Fan

Oversized Evaporator Coils

Coil Height   10"
Coil Depth   2.625"
Coil Length   11"
Coil Fins   12"
Coil Tube OD   3/8"
Coil Airflow   268 (CFM)

Coil Height   7"
Coil Depth   1.875"
Coil Length   9"
Coil Fins   14"
Coil Tube OD   3/8"
Coil Airflow   94 (CFM)

Receiver and Line Set
Oversized Receiver

Tested and Certified
UL Standards

Customer Service
Committed to Excellence

Dimensions W x D x H "
- Evaporator (w/ brackets)
- Evaporator (w/out brackets)
- Condensing Unit

16.6 x 12.6 x 22.1
14.1 x 12.6 x 19.6
13.5 x 18.9 x 9.1

20 x 11.25 x 10.25
20 x 11.25 x 10.25
14 x 10 x 10

Power Specs
- Evaporator
- Condensing Unit (Dual Source)

115V AC / 60 Hz
15-Amp Dedicated Circuit
115V AC / 60 Hz
15-Amp Dedicated Circuit

115V AC / 60 Hz
20-Amp Dedicated Circuit
115V AC / 60 Hz
20-Amp Dedicated Circuit

Power Cord

Single Source
Dual Source

Dual Source

Condensing Unit Control

Electronic Control
Valve Control

Valve Control

Where to Use

CellarPro Mini-Split 3000S wine cellar refrigeration systems combine outstanding performance, adjustable humidity control and variable-speed fans for super-quiet operation. CellarPro Mini-Split 3000S units are designed to handle extreme environments, from 0°F (with optional compressor heater) to 110°F, and are available for interior or exterior installations (with optional outdoor hood). With electronic control, the condensing unit will work in temperatures down to -20°F (with optional compressor heater). The front of the cooling unit can be ducted up to 100 equivalent feet (50 feet per opening). These units can maintain temperatures 55-60 degrees colder than the ambient temperature.

Whisperkool's Mini Split system cools up to 500 cubic feet with the compressor located in a remote location and the evaporator (cold side) mounted in the cellar. These units cannot maintain temperatures that are more than 30°F colder than the ambient temperature.


Capacity: 600 cubic feet
Maximum capacities are based on wine cellars that have proper insulation and moisture barriers.

Capacity: 500 cubic feet
Maximum capacities are based on wine cellars that have proper insulation and moisture barriers.