Bottega del Vino Chardonnay set of 4 (P/N BV05-4). Mouth-blown and hand finished, each stem features a superbly-crafted bowl with single-pull stem for the best possible feel in hand and mouth.

Our crystal is dishwasher-safe, lead-free, and suitable for restaurant use, yet offers the finest presentation available for your wine-truly the perfect balance between pleasure and practicality.

Price shown for 4 stems.

Primarily for whites, our Chardonnay stem also provides a fitting presentation for Bordeaux and Cabernet wines.


  • Mouth-blown and hand-finished
  • Dishwasher-safe, lead-free, and suitable for restaurant use
  • Offers the perfect balance between pleasure and practicality
  • Set includes beautiful gift box


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 23 3/8 oz

Size: 9 7/8h (inches)

Weight: 7 lb


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Most Helpful Reviews


Not my favorite Bottega

by Jenna
The Bottega del Vino line of stemware is extremely difficult to find. That being said, I will say that the Chardonnay glass although well suited for its intended varietal is also the least distinctive shape in the line.

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by John
Nice glasses with an elegant flair to them that I really like, but they are so expensive that I'm not sure it is worth it. For the price I paid, they should be thinner and have a more dramatic look to them. They are good quality, just not the "wow" factor I was expecting for the price point.

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