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Why do Breezaire cooling units fail?

Frequently Asked Questions
With our Manufacturing Engineer

Many Breezaire cooling units fail after 3 years in the field, as we discovered from our experience as Le Cache Wine Cabinets. For 17 years, we used Breezaire WKB 1060* and WKB 2200*, but received an alarming number of calls from customers regarding unit failure. "It won't get below 60 degrees," "Runs all the time," and "Won't cool properly" were only a few defects.

After what we learned from our experience with Breezaire, CellarPro uses premium components and advanced manufacturing and testing processes from beginning to end. Although it costs more to build a CellarPro unit, we felt like we had no choice due to Breezaire's "out of the box" failures and 3 year lifespan.

What are the most common Breezaire failures? Common causes for Breezaire cooling systems to fail
Here is a representative breakdown of problems we experienced indicative of the general trends. Some units had multiple issues. Most common is a leak—we have stopped doing the detailed leak detection because it is so time consuming, so if the unit does not have a charge we replace the evap, hot gas loop, and cap/strainer. Most of the units with controller problems also had a leak. I would estimate 10% of the leaks to be in the gas loop, the rest are evaporator leaks. Chart based on 56 units.
What is causing the Breezaire failures?
For the majority of issues it is a faulty component.
Evaporator Leak
Possible causes include internal source leaks due to controller problems and undersized units with excessive run times. Breezaire does not always evacuate their coils effectively, and might be leaving their systems open too long during the brazing process, which creates acids in the oil. Breezaire's grey coating may not be sufficient to prevent the acid from corroding the coils.
Bad Controller
The Breezaire controller is not a quality component, which is the cause of unit failure 15-20% of the time. This causes:
1) Increased coil wear due to excessive run times and cap tube system unable to regulate, causing high velocities.
2) Long runs causing excessive moisture on the cold side, and overheating on the hot side, accellerating corrosion of the hot gas loop.
How can Breezaire longevity be extended in the field?
Run the unit at the highest setpoint that can be tolerated. At 55°F, the Breezaire may have to run constantly.
Will CellarPro cooling units experience the same failures?
We have a reliable controller, defrost cycles, and larger coils to minimize condensation. TEVs regulate the flow to prevent high internal refrigerant velocities and we have electrofin coating on the coils to protect against external corrosive agents. Our hot gas loop is insulated from direct contact with other metal. Some Breezaire issues were due to a sharp mounting bracket crimped down, which we do not have, causing fewer mechanical failures.
Does the CellarPro manufacturing process make improvements?
We make continuous improvements to our units based on feedback from use in the field, resulting in higher quality design, components, and manufacturing processes that minimize unit failure.
My Breezaire cooling unit from Le Cache has failed, what do I do?
If your Breezaire cooling unit fails after the warranty has expired, refer to our Breezaire Out-of-Warranty Instructions. The answers above will help you guide the repairman if you decide to repair the cooling unit. CellarPro wine cooling units are designed to be interchangeable with Breezaire 1060 and 2200, if you choose to purchase a new system.