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Anettes Brittle Gift Pack (P/N 7322). Anette and her brother Brent work together to create marvelous assortments of fine Truffles, Creams, Brittles, Chews, Chocolate Sauces, Caramel Sauces, Traditional, and Unique Seasonal Specialties.

Together they combine Napa Valley's excellence in fine wines with fine chocolates to create confectionery wonders that tantalize the senses.

Gift set includes:

- Award-winning Triple Nut Brittle with Pistachios, Pecan, Almonds, and a dash of Kentucky Bourbon, which adds the perfect accent and leaves you wanting more.

- Chardonnay Wine Brittle, the lightest in color and texture of all Annete's brittles. The Vanilla overtones pair beautifully with the the Spanish Peanuts and pure dairy butter.

Anette's Brittle will tantalize the senses and expand your horizons! Anette's has won awards on their Brittles every year since 2004!


Condition: Brand New

Size: 43w x 23d x 75h (in)

Weight: 1.75 lb


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