CellarPro Split Air Handler AH18Sx (P/N CMA-18-AH, THDC-18-TGA). The Air Handler AH18Sx split evaporator module is designed to be combined with our ducting option (#7686, sold separately). The powerful variable speed centrifugal fans can handle ducting up to 100 equivalent feet (12-inch flex duct) on the cold side of the cooling unit (50 equivalent feet with 10-inch ducting).

The split air cooled condenser is designed to handle environments ranging from 12°F to 110°F. The condenser requires 24 inches of unobstructed space.

Cold side options for the Exhaust (ie. Supply) and Return, when used with our ducting option, are on the side (Supply) and end (Return) for ducting.

Cellarpro Air Handler AH18Sx requires 230V/1PH/60HZ power supply with a 35 amp circuit. Split systems include a refrigerant pump-down solenoid valve to prevent liquid slugging. Units are evacuated and charged with dry nitrogen. Humidification systems and heating systems for low ambient conditions can be factory-installed at additional cost.

Split Air Handler rated for exterior usage and designed for cellars up to 5000 cubic feet, this cooling system provides spot or ducted refrigeration specifically designed for wine cellars.

Capacity: Wine Cellars up to 5000 cubic feet with proper insulation and a moisture barrier. More info...

Ducting of cold supply/return air will result in additional heat loss and loss of cooling unit efficiency. Please use our ducting heat loss table and our duct correction table when sizing the cooling unit.

Shipping: We charge a flat-rate of $195 to ship these units anywhere in the continental U.S. via common carrier, strapped to a pallet, with curbside delivery.

Standard Features Include:
  • Aluminum body for light weight, corrosion resistance and aesthetics
  • Quick-release hardware simplifies internal access
  • Scroll compressors provide high-reliability, high efficiency and low noise
  • Compressors are mounted on vibration isolators to minimize noise transmission
  • Evaporator compartment is insulated with high-density, 2 lb/sf thermal and acoustical insulation, and sealed with self-extinguishing gasket material
  • A-frame evaporator increases cooling capacity and reduces power consumption
  • Stainless steel condensate pan and condensate safety switch protects against condensate overflow
  • Speed optimized ECM blower motor in a draw-thru configuration provides even air distribution
  • Low RPM minimizes air noise and motor HP consumption
  • Blower assembly is mounted to an internal chamber to further reduce noise
  • Includes Class 2, 24VAC control circuit with all necessary contactors, fuses and/or circuit breakers
  • Optional humidity and/or heat control
  • Two year parts and labor warranty


  • Up to 5000 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Light weight Aluminum body
  • High efficiency and low noise
  • Even air distribution and optional humidity and/or heat control
  • Two year parts and labor warranty


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 5000 Cu Ft

Weight: 220 lb

Power/Rating: Refrigerant: R-410A

Power Supply: 208/230V, 50/60HZ, 1 Phase

BTUH at 55° cellar temp: 15,000

Evaporator Dimensions:

- 134 lbs

- 23 7/8"W x 51 1/2"L x 20 3/8"H

- Full Load Amps: 18.4

- Min Circuit Amps: 20.9

- Max Overcurrent Protection: 30

- Evaporator Blower: 750 CFM

- Motor HP: 1/6

- Compressor HP: 1.5

Remote Condenser Dimensions:

- 86 lbs

- 26 5/8"W x 26 13/16"D x 31.25"H

- Full Load Amps: 3.2

- Min Circuit Amps: 4.0

- Max Overcurrent Protection: 15

- Condenser Motor HP: 1/3

Warranty: 2 years, parts and labor

P/N: CMA-18-AH w/ACCU-024A condensing unit


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