CellarPro Air Handler Split 8500 Indoor (P/N AH8500Si). CellarPro Air Handler split refrigeration systems can be ducted up to a total of 100 equivalent feet (supply + return), and the evaporator and condensing units can be separated up to 100 feet. With our split configuration, the evaporator and condensing units can be located in separate locations and connected via a refrigerant line-set (sold separately) and power line (optional).

CellarPro Air Handler evaporator and condensing units both use variable-speed centrifugal fans with three settings, including a "high" setting for maximum performance and a "low" setting for super-quiet operation. CellarPro AH8500S Air Handler evaporator produce 51 decibels and the condensing units produce 59 decibels (ducted at the medium fan speed).

7156 BTUH (0.6 Ton Nominal). Designed for wine cellars up to 2500 cubic feet and rated for internal applications, CellarPro's Air Handler 8500S split refrigeration system provides ducted refrigeration specifically designed for wine cellars, and allows the noise from the evaporator and condensing units to be removed from living areas.

Our high-performance Air Handlers are designed to handle environments ranging from 20°F to 110°F. Exposure on the condenser side to temperatures below 40°F require our compressor heater ($99), and, in addition, below 20°F require our fan cycling switch ($99). The evaporator cannot be exposed to freezing temperatures.

Unless the condensing unit is ducted, it requires 12 inches of unobstructed space in front of the coils, and requires approx. 600-700 CFM of ventilation when installed in a confined space.

A bottle probe temperature sensor (10' cord) plus your choice of duct collars, indoor grills and blank plates is included in the price of the cooling system.

CellarPro Air Handler Split systems offer a choice of 110V / 60Hz wiring and power configurations:
  1. Two plug-in power cords for the evaporator (5.7 amps / 15 amp circuit breaker) and the condensing unit (11.0 amps / 20 amp circuit breaker). This wiring configuration can be used with either Valve Control or Electronic Control.
  2. Two permanent power connections for the evaporator (3.6 amps / 15 amp circuit breaker) and the condensing unit (16.6 amps / 25 amp circuit breaker). This wiring configuration can be used with either Valve Control or Electronic Control.
  3. One permanent power connection for the entire system (25 amp circuit breaker). In this configuration, the condensing unit must be wired to the evaporator, and must be used with Electronic Control.
CellarPro Air Handlers can be configured to include a factory-installed humidification system and a heating system for low ambient conditions (additional cost).

Important Notes: For exposure to environments below 40°F, our compressor heater modification is required. For use in temperatures below 20°F, in addition to our compressor heater, our fan cycling switch is required.

Ducting of cold supply/return air will result in additional heat loss and loss of cooling unit efficiency. Please use our ducting heat loss table and our duct correction table when sizing the cooling unit.

Shipping: We charge a flat-rate of $195 to ship these units anywhere in the continental U.S. via common carrier, strapped to a pallet, with curbside delivery.


  • Up to 2500 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Can be Ducted up to 100 Equivalent Feet (50 Feet per Duct)
  • Can be Configured to operate in environments ranging from -20°F to 110°F
  • For temperatures below 40, our compressor heater is required, and for temperatures below 20°F, our compressor heater AND fan cycling switch are required.
  • Schraeder Valve for Refrigerant Charge (R134A) and Superheat Adjustment
  • Multiple Knock-Outs and Access Points
  • Expansion Valve and Liquid Line Solenoid Valve (optional) come Factory Installed
  • Choice of Electronic or Valve Control for Condensing Unit
  • Evaporator and Condensing Unit are Factory Pressurized and Shipped with Dry Nitrogen
  • High-Performance Condensing Unit
  • Variable Speed Fans
  • Oversized Coated Evaporator Coils
  • Optional Humidification System via Digital Display
  • Optional Heating System to add Heat to Wine Cellars
  • 1/2" ID Drain Line
  • 47/54 Decibels at Low Fan Speed (Ducted Evaporator/Condensing Unit)
  • Electronic Thermostat, Digital LED Display and Audible/Visual Alarms
  • Auto-Defrost Cycle
  • Sight Glass and Liquid Line Filter/Drier (shipped loose)
  • Oversized Receiver for Long Line Sets
  • Line-sets can run up to 100 equivalent feet (and up to 30 vertical feet)
  • Auto Reset High Pressure Switch
  • Compatible with a Dedicated 25-Amp Circuit
  • Includes a Bottle Probe with 10' Cord
  • Optional Remote Control Display
  • ETL Tested and Certified (UL Standards)


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 7156 BTUH @ 55F

Size: 18.6w x 18.6d x 19.3h (in) (Evap)

Weight: 180 lb

Power/Rating: 115V AC / 60 Hz

Condensing Unit Dimensions:

- 120 lbs (no humidifier)

- 18.6w x 18.6d x 19.3h

Evaporator Unit Dimensions:

- 60 lbs

- 18.6w x 18.6d x 19.3h


- Startup Amps: 53.0 Amps

- Running Amps Cord-Connected: 17.0 Amps

- Total Watts: 1408 (low fan speed)

BTUH @ 55F

- Low Fan Speed: 6245

- Med Fan Speed: 6649

- High Fan Speed: 7156

Evaporator Decibels

- Low Fan Speed, Ducted: 47 dbA

- Med Fan Speed, Ducted: 51 dbA

- High Fan Speed, Ducted: 59 dbA

Condensing Unit Decibels

- Low Fan Speed, Ducted / Non-Ducted: 54 dbA / 67 dbA

- Med Fan Speed, Ducted / Non-Ducted: 59 dbA / 72 dbA

- High Fan Speed, Ducted / Non-Ducted: 64 dbA / 77 dbA

Warranty: 2 Years (Entire System) / 5 Years (Compressor)

P/N: AH8500Si


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